Moqawiloon Urban Development WLL
Our Vision
Our future vision and ambition focuses on the scale of success and development at a steady and correct pace, where we depend on reading the reality of the local market and therefore what customers need from services and requirements that meet the desire and need of each of them
Our Focus
Where we depend on reading the reality of the local market and therefore what customers expectations and requirements that meet the desire and satisfactions
Our Mission
To provide an entire engineering and construction management solution of the highest standards to facilitate it and meet our value customer expectations.

Moqawiloon Urban Development WLL submits building tenders for Residential Projects, such as Private Villas, Apartment Buildings, and not limited to Commercial Buildings, using our own platform, and awarding projects to the lowest price of the approved qualified bidder in cooperation with the specialized Consultancy Office, and upon fulfilling the technical qualification.

Planning & Engineering
Conduct site visits and construction works planning, and coordinate the work progress as required.
Civil & Architectural
We place our experts between your hands for a professional civil and architectural planning and designing
Consultancy & Execution
Providing a complete consultancy services and coordinate your entire project execution plan.
Completion & Handing-over
We look after the work execution and represent you (as owner) until the last step and handing-over your project.
Interior Design Eng. Lubna Yassin
Villa Alkawari Eng. Lubna Yassin

Tender management

The creation of this department in any company aims to develop and implement the company’s strategy, study the market as well as competitors, and study the possibility of competition in new activities that the company intends to engage in.

In addition to the above, there are also some objectives of developing tender management, as this department shares with the technical department in:

  1. Providing solutions to increase the implementation rates of ongoing projects in terms of economic, production and contractual aspects.
  2. Propose plans to avoid impacts arising from market and project execution risks.
  3. Providing solutions to the mechanism of controlling costs and reducing them if they exceed what is planned

To suggest a mechanism for developing the culture of the company’s employees in a way that suits the requirements of the next stage of high-quality, quality and safety performance rates within the targeted cost and time.